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Current downloads (size 2 kb, downloaded 1354 times)

* fixed genesis_plus_gx (thx gig71) (size 3337 kb, downloaded 2797 times)

* Fix files without extension detected as rom
* updated plugins.conf with latest corrections.
* Starting from now, plugins.conf has a version number (v.1)
* fix roms/folders dupes (size 56194 kb, downloaded 1101 times)

Starting from postLoader 4.7, plugin system has changed. All roms are collected per system and not per emulator. This allow faster operation, and give the ability to change the desired plugin before starting the rom, with (<) (>) buttons. postLoader will remember latest used plugin.
These plugin are from emu masterpiece by AbdallahTerro, wich contains plugins for WiiFlow. If you have already installed masterpiece for wiiflow, prolly you don't need to extract the dols from plugins folder, postLoader will load them from wiiflow folder. Anyway you may need to extract .png(s) to ploader/plugins folder.
Plugins are maintained by FIX94 inf open-wiiflow-mod google code. (size 3345 kb, downloaded 1088 times)

darkangel84: future, dimension, horizon
shortz1994: finalFantasy
VatoLoco: BlackNGrey, BlackNBlue, BlackNGreen, BlackNRed, BlackNYellow
stfour: wii

Deprecated downloads (size 2 kb, downloaded 353 times)

* fixed wiimednafen support for Sega Genesis, Sega MasterSystem, SG 1000 (thx gig71) (size 2 kb, downloaded 334 times)

* fixed mplayerce
* fixed JzintzWii (size 2 kb, downloaded 321 times)

fixed UAE Amiga, Dosbox path, removed gambatte from VBA (Abz)
fixed frodo (untested) (size 2 kb, downloaded 305 times)

fixed gambatte (thx Abz)
fixed wii64, not64, vba_next, funny (untested) (size 2 kb, downloaded 275 times)

fixed mame path (size 2 kb, downloaded 285 times)

Fixed mame and other errors (partially tested) (size 2 kb, downloaded 271 times)

UNTESTED: should fix MAME, VBAGX, gambatte (size 1249 kb, downloaded 323 times)

Fix files without extension detected as rom (size 1249 kb, downloaded 306 times)

DOL only, beta version, may fix rom/folder dupes it fix rom/folders dupes (size 3336 kb, downloaded 359 times)

* fixed category issue in wii/gamecube games
* updated download site to, the new official site for downloads
* remove useless file thread locking system.
* increased thread priority for covercache. This will solve sound stuttering and very slow file writing during creation of cover cache files (if enabled)
* now postloader select exact cover name for covers
* postloader require customfat (and customntfs) to be compiled (from wiiflow). Some file where missing during games/roms browsing with standard library.
* new plugin managment system. Now roms are organized on per-system basis. When you select a rom, you can choose your preferred emulator. The plugin.cfg file has a new sintax.
* updated grlib library (added transparency option for icon/panel borders)
* ChannelBrowser: updated find_title_name function. Thx kuwanger!!!
* little ui changes